Question 1

Where do you primarily work?

in-houseat an ad/agency/design firmsolo practicefreelanceteacher/professorstudentat a newspaper/magazine/other publicationother

If "other", what type of organization?

Question 2

What is your title?

owner/principlecreative directorart directorsenior designergraphic designerother

If "other", what is your title?

Question 3

If you have a “day job”, do you also do freelance work?

Question 4

What are your biggest challenges as a designer in our area?

Question 5

To grow your business or advance professionally ,
what do you need to know more about?

writing proposalstaxeslearning new softwarewhat am I able to write off?learning how to program websiteshiring employees/labor lawdeveloping a contract for your worktime management/tracking time/project mgmtmarketing yourselffinding new workmaking the leap to go solofinding good/reliable vendors + partnerscollecting moneyclient managementprotecting your intellectual propertyhow to set up a business

Are there other topics you'd find helpful?

Question 6

Do you have any ideas for design-related speakers or programming that you'd like to see come to the Utica-area?

and finally...

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