Creative Dialogues :: Solving Problems and Sparking Inspiration With Drawing
Join us for Creative Dialogues, as we spend an hour with Michael Roach on Solving Problems and Sparking Inspiration with Drawing.

A busy creative working in the graphic arts often experiences moments of breakthrough and innovation. We take great pride in being tasked to organize thoughts and ideas expressed in a brief and transform them into deliverables. However, there are times when we are unable to solve a problem, or are too immersed, distracted, or uninspired to create. To break the restraints of inactivity and inner confusion, I propose that graphic artists practice active sketching when solving creative problems. Doing this often can add clarity and allow one to generate the necessary sparks for inspiration. 

I will examine some familiar design problems, discuss possible fixes, and will present how others have used drawing to help them complete projects. Whether sketching digitally on a tablet with a stylus, drawing on a dry-erase painted workspace, or in a notebook journal, the graphic artist can increase their chances of productively moving forward with solid ideas.

All are welcome to submit questions using via our social media sites and using the hashtag #creativedialogues.

Space is limited* to 8, reserve your spot today.

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When & Where
Wed, Mar 26, 2014 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT